CRT Refurbishment

NIKTEC, INC Professional CRT Refurbishment

CRT Refurbishment

NIKTEC, INC offers professional refurbishment services for most CRT projector tubes. Our refurbishment process involves recycling your worn Cathode Ray Tubes and replacing them with new tubes, direct from the manufacturer. Our experience in CRT projectors, combined with our expert staff, ensures you receive the quality you demand. We use industry standard materials and high caliber heat-transfer fluid in refurbishing CRTs for sustained performance and dependability for the life of the tube.

There is no minimum order, though typically our customers prefer to have them done in sets for even wear. If you have experienced a decline in image quality, consider our services. Also, if you are unsure of the state of your tubes, please read below for more information about the CRTs in your projector.

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Why Refurbish?

The best way to restore your projector to a like-new condition is to refurbish the CRT tubes.

Like most things, the projector CRT has a finite lifespan. The hours and intensity of use have the greatest impact on your tube's picture quality. Bright images and prolonged usage will burn the phosphor in the CRTs faster than any other variable. While this burn-in is not a sudden change, over a period of time you might notice your image quality is not as impressive as it used to be. The surface of the tube takes on a toasted marshmallow look, often exhibiting distinct lines at the edges of the image raster.

Left: Panasonic P19LUG43HKA with burned raster. Right: refurbished P19LUG43HKA as a clean tube
The image shows substantial phosphor burn (left) compared to a clean, refurbished tube (right).

Phosphor burn is the most obvious and most common reason to seek refurbishment.
While it is possible to continue to run a projector with worn tubes, image quality will suffer. Brightness will decrease noticably and the image will exhibit discoloration and unevenness. The best way to restore your projector to a like-new condition is to refurbish the CRT tubes.

The average lifespan of a tube is approximately 10,000 hours. You will notice, however, that they wear at a different pace. Green is usually the first to go, followed by Blue, and lastly Red. Of course, this all varies with the type of scene being projected, but it is not uncommon for Red to look nearly new and for Green or Blue to be severely burnt. It is still a good idea to replace all tubes at the same time for congruent performance and stability. Even if you do not notice much burn on the CRT phosphor surface, image quality may still be degraded compared to fresh, refurbished tubes.


Other Symptoms To Look For

Contaminated Coolant

Many CRT housings are Liquid-Coupled and hold a chamber of coolant between the tube and rear lens element. This liquid serves a dual purpose. First it helps regulate temperature, resulting in a more stable and consistent user experience. Second, it acts as a prism, essentially eliminating air or light interference between the lens and image plane, which has a direct effect on superior image quality. Alternately, Air-Coupled sets also have a thin layer of coolant across the tube-face, albeit much less substantial.

Not quite as noticable as a burnt CRT phosphor, a contaminated coolant can negatively influence image quality and tube life. Examples of coolant fault and need for refurbishment include:

  • Old Coolant--Takes on a darker, yellowed color
  • Milky appearance--There are semi-translucent swirled strands. Coolant may have absorbed water from atmospheric conditions
  • Mold/Mildew--Like any moist environment, CRT chambers are prone to mold and mildew growth
  • Miscellaneous Debris--Debris may exist for any number of reasons. Most should fall to the bottom of the chamber and out of view, but if it is a persistant issue consider a flush of the coolant

Panasonic P19LCP09BMB with worn phosphor and contaminated coolant
This tube shows distinct burn and also has a particulate floating in the coolant. Both make this a candidate for refurbishment


An improper or poorly refurbished CRT may suffer leaks from the coolant chamber. While not necessarily cause for a complete overhaul, it can get very messy and needs prompt attention. We can service your leaky CRTs.

Imploded CRT

This seems like an obvious reason for refurbishment, but a CRT with a chipped or marred face should be replaced. Anything that weakens the glass risks implosion and a totalled tube.

CRT Reference

We service many different models of CRTs. Listed below are the most popular varieties. If you don't see your tube in our list or are unsure, please contact us for more information. These are listed by Barco "R" number and by Panasonic "P" number.

Barco R number: R7629382  Panasonic P number: P19LCP09HKA

Barco R Numbers

Panasonic P Numbers

Common Supported Projectors

Nine Inch 9"

  • Barco Reality 909
  • Barco Cine 9, Cine Max
  • Barco Graphics 1209, 1209s (BG1209, BG1209s)
  • Barco Data 1209s (BD1209s)
  • Barco Graphics 1609s
  • Runco DTV-1200
  • Runco DTV-1100HD
  • Runco DTV-1000
Nine Inch 8"
  • Barco Reality 908
  • Barco Cine 8, Onyx, Digital
  • Barco Graphics 1208, 1208s (BG1208, BG1208s)
  • Barco Graphics 808, 808s (BG808, BG808s)
  • Barco Data 808, 808s (BD808, BD808s)
  • Barco RetroGraphics 808, 808s
  • Runco DTV-992, Ultra