Repair and Refurbishment Services

We commit to minimizing client downtime, reducing operating costs, and gaining and maintain client trust and satisfaction.

We understand how important long-term support can be to your organization to reduce operating costs and keep your mission critical systems online. It’s our objective to repair and support your devices when the original equipment manufacturer no longer supports it. This is our goal here, to keep your company running with minimal downtime.

What We Support

Here is a partial list of equipment that we service.

  • LCD, DLP, CRT and other projectors
  • LCD Displays that are ruggedized, standard or medical grade
  • Industrial Computers, Single Board, Vintage and no longer produced
  • Networking hardware such as switches and routers
  • Video switchers and video amplifiers
  • Data acquisition and I/O cards
  • Audio Amplifiers

The Process

Upon receipt and inspection for damage in transit, the serial number of your device is verified in our service ticket tracking system and given a barcode label. After we have reviewed your ticket, we will reference the OEM data sheet for specifications and details for your device. We then begin the diagnostic process to determine the root cause of the failure. Once we have discovered the source of the fault, all related components would be replaced. Then the technician will perform simple bench testing to confirm the repair is successful. The device is then placed into a simulated environment that closely matches the real world environment for the device. After the device has passed testing, a final quality assurance inspection is performed. The final stop before it leaves our facility is our shipping department. Where we take the utmost care when preparing the device for shipping. It’s our goal to prevent any possible damage.

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A Green Company

NIKTEC, INC is a green company and takes great strides to maintain environmentally conscious standards.